Creating, performing and publishing new sound and intermedia arts internationally.


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"phenomenal musicianship" (Sydney Morning Herald); "cutting edge...eclectic...consummate" (BBC Radio 3);

"a fascinating complex interaction of ... sonic patterns of textural virtuosity" (Sydney Morning Herald)




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201901: Roger Dean premiered his Digging Deep , for piano, live processing, and algorithmic performance of material generated by his Deep Improviser (deep learning computational device) in Perth, WA, 201812, and we have since released a 4ch recording. 201810-11, Hazel Smith performed in Nottingham UK; austraLYSIS (Torbjörn Hultmark (soprano trombone, electronics) and Roger Dean (piano, electronics)) performed new music in Bath, Birmingham, Leeds and Leicester. INFO.

August 2018: austraLYSIS (Will Luers, video, programming; Hazel Smith (text), and Roger Dean (sound) won the 2018 international Robert Coover Award for their recombinant piece novelling. INFO.





from Hypnagogia (Will Luers/austraLYSIS, 2013)


austraLYSIS is based in Sydney and London; it is a founder member of the New Music Network, Australia. Contact: PO Box 225, Milperra, NSW 2214, Sydney, Australia. Tel + 61 481 309612; email :