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We are collaborating with Will Luers (video, USA), and Keith Armstrong (installation and video, Australia) to create two new works. We also are developing a new performance program for presentation in collaboration with the New Music Network later in 2016, continuing our longstanding participation in their promotions.

We celebrate the 100th birthday of the eminent Australian sculptor Inge King on 26 November 2015: the documentary film A Thousand Different Angles (for which we provided some of the music) is on display at the National Gallery of Australia as part of a celebratory of her work (until February 2016). The new austraLYSIS Electroband CD, History goes Everywhere, Tall Poppies TP234 was released in late September (and a different version of one piece on it, Blue Bus is also published in Gangway). austraLYSIS also featured at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, in an open event on 20151208, Sound Meets Text.

Recent performances: at Østre performance gallery in Bergen, Norway (201508: video tweet), featuring Hazel Smith; and at the Angst Gallery,Vancouver, Washington, USA (201508 : video tweet), featuring Roger Dean.

See also recent austraLYSIS info for more on other activities.

Some Recent Comments

Peter McCallum (Sydney Morning Herald online, 201411): 'created surprising meanings and juxtapositions against a complex sonic background ... Serial Meantimes by Andrew Milne and Roger Dean created a fascinating complex interaction of regular and irregular sonic patterns of textural virtuosity' ... [in summary:] It is a brave new world that hath such music in it.'

Michael Tucker (201305, in the European Jazz Journal), giving Dean's MultiPiano (2012) double-album 5 stars: 'a strikingly intelligent but also soulful pianist .... beautifully programmed ... [fashions] a densely-packed, yet once again lucid electroacoustic poetics of multilayered time ... retains deep albeit transmuted links with tradition... one of the most refreshing avant-garde releases – consistently as enjoyable as it is thought provoking – that I've heard in a long time'.

from Translations: Hypnagogia 2013    
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Latest commercial releases: Double CD for purchase/download: Multi-Piano, Tall Poppies TP225 (Roger Dean solo and computer-interactive piano), reviewed by John Shand of the Sydney Morning Herald (2013): ‘trail-blazing’,'willing grooves', 'earthy approach', ‘surprising and disquieting’, ‘exquisite’, ‘crystalline or tumultuous’, ‘brilliant musicianship’, ‘exploding with vivacity'. ... LYSIS Reissue series compiles Cycles (1977), Dualyses (1978) and Superimpositions (1980), plus new material (2 CDs, SOMA 788) ... Dean's Loosely (1981) for improvisers' orchestra, on Kinetic Jazz 2011, Available online through Bamboozle. .... Recent(ly discovered!): LYSIS' 1987 performance of our commission, Omarama, by John Rimmer (Waiteata collection of New Zealand music, 2008). Available

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